Sell Engagement Rings

Things You Mustn’t Do While Selling an Engagement Ring

It is rare to find people going up to the commitment phase and proposing with an engagement ring unless the person is every bit sure about the relationship. However, under certain unfortunate circumstances, they might have to sell their engagement rings for various reasons when the engagement fails. 

In the latter cases, although the relationship didn’t successfully mature, either of the partners can sell the engagement ring online and put away a considerable amount of money. Moreover, in cases where women want to sell their engagement ring or other diamond jewelry online because of painful memories and other reasons, they must go online and sell it to a well-known and trusted shop.

Let Us Know Some Detailed Points About What You Should Avoid While Trying to Sell Engagement Rings Online.:

  • Selling Without an Appraisal

Please remember that diamond jewelry buyers are businesspersons who will always try to get the best deal suiting them. Therefore, if you try to Sell Your Engagement Ring online without an appraisal, the chances that you will lose spectacularly increase many folds. Experts recommend getting your diamonds appraised if you suspect they are worth more than $2000. Registered and permitted appraisal associations can be found in well-known gemological authority’s online portals. 

Even when it’s impossible to hire an appraiser, or your diamonds are worth less than $2000, you should get a possible estimate of your ring’s value by going to a jeweler who buys and sells diamonds. However, you should consult with at least two or three local and established jewelry stores to get a range of resale prices, the quality and condition of your diamonds, and their settings. 

  • Being vague with the appraiser 

Whatever may be your reason to sell your engagement ringonline, you wouldn’t leave the chance of getting as much money as possible. Therefore, you should be clear with your intention about the jewelry from the start with the appraiser. People appraise their jewelry for different reasons, and if the appraiser knows about your intention to sell and not some other, like insuring it – they will be able to provide you with a more realistic figure of its resale value. 

If you are knowledgeable about the diamond engagement ring, including its origin, time and place of purchase, the original price, and whether it has been reset – you must share it with the appraiser. It may help them understand your piece better and give you a more appropriate value for selling engagement rings online.

  • Being ignorant about your diamonds

The prospective buyers will give you a better price if you provide them with important information. It would be better to ask the appraiser about the following aspects in addition to its resale value (this information can affect the value and desirability of the diamond):

  1. Cut: This is the diamond’s shape and the cut’s quality.
  2. Color: Color gradation [according to The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)] categorizes diamonds from D (most colorless) to Z (most colored). Generally, the value of diamonds is inversely proportional to their color presence, except for unique-colored diamonds like pink and blue diamonds. 
  3. Carat: It depicts the weight of the diamond. 
  4. Clarity: This measure depicts the flawlessness of the stone. GIA rates diamonds from “flawless” (containing no inclusions or deficiencies) to I3 (consisting of the maximum inclusions). The value of the diamond increases with the increase in flawlessness. 

Signing off

People often trust public auction sites for Selling Engagement Ring online. If you wish to go down that road, research the price range of jewelry with similar dimensions and decide on a minimum selling price. You can also set a minimum reserve price on some websites.