By Appointment Only

FAQs on Selling Diamonds and Gold Jewelry

We understand customer concerns over sending valuable and sometimes sentimental items. We have considered all the necessary operational issues such as insurance and postal services to ensure a professional secure service. We use a highly secure FedEx service and it is incredibly rare that we experience any delays using the service, ensuring your items arrive safely in a timely manner.

We buy GIA, HRD & IGI certified diamonds. You only need to supply the certificate number and we can use that information to send a quote to you.

In addition, we buy non-certified diamonds. While an approximate valuation in such cases can be made using information such as the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut of the diamond, we can deliver a precise quote if you visit us in our Hatton garden office. This is where we will analyse and asses the diamond in your presence and while you wait.

Please note that we only purchase diamonds from 0.50ct and above for the centre diamond, whether that may be in a ring or other pieces of jewellery.

The value of your diamond is largely determined by what is known in the trade as the four Cs

CARAT: The weight of the diamond

COLOUR: The whiter the diamond is, the rarer it is, and this drives value higher

CLARITY: The cleaner the diamond is, the higher any valuation will be

CUT: The way in which the stone reflects light, giving it the characteristic diamond sparkle

Yes. We will pay you the best price for the gold / platinum and that will be included in our offer to you.

NO, we are not currently buying LABGROWN diamonds.