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Best Place to Sell My Diamond Engagement Rings Online for Best Price

Want to sell your wedding band? Selling a pricey item can be stressful but having an expert on your side who will walk you through the process in an empathetic and professional manner can help.

In contrast to other purchasers such as pawn shops, and jewelry shops, Sell Your Diamond always makes you a top-value offer to buy my engagement ring if you want to sell lab grown diamonds. Our GIA-trained jewelers have been purchasing engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, and other fine jewelry. They will give you free engagement ring appraisals to determine the actual value of your priceless possessions. We are sure that working with us will be thoroughly pleasant, and we appreciate your business as a lifelong client.

Our team is made up of GIA gemologists and highly skilled jewelers who have a wealth of experience assessing diamond jewelry. Get a free estimate on an engagement ring right now with the trusted engagement ring buyer in New York, NY - Sell Your Diamond.

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Why Sell Your Engagement Ring?

When people and circumstances change, what was once right may no longer be the case. There are several reasons for selling my antique engagement rings at the best place to sell engagement rings, including divorce and want to know where I can sell engagement rings after divorce, having an outdated family treasure you don't want or need, and others. Whatever the cause, obtaining cash by selling your lab created and natural diamond engagement rings online to a professional diamond buyer might open up new financial possibilities.

Some people even decide if they want to sell gemstone engagement ring with the setting's diamonds and use the proceeds to buy a new ring. Although there are countless possibilities, one thing is certain: selling your engagement ring can be a rewarding and stress-free process.

How to Sell My Engagement Rings?

Learn about what you have and the valuing and pricing procedure before you sell an engagement ring or other valuable jewelry.

Here are the fundamental actions you need to do before selling my used engagement ring:

1. Compile All the Knowledge You Have Regarding Your Rings

The box, receipt, and any supporting documentation of the dimensions and quality of the stones and metal, if you have a GIA certificate for your diamond or another lab report.

The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, situated in New York City, and the International Gemological Institute, or IGI, based in Antwerp, Belgium, are the only two worldwide renowned jewelry grading laboratories.

2. Have your Diamond and Engagement Ring Valuation

It's critical to know how much your ring is worth on the secondary market, taking into account the quality, weight, and setting of the stones. These facts will be shown in a good lab report or jewelry evaluation.

You can also find out the value of your wedding or engagement rings with the aid of an assessment. Most neighborhood jewelers in your area will provide an appraisal and engagement ring worth, frequently without charge.

3. Obtain Bids from Ring Purchasers

Obtain several bids from internet ring vendors, such as Sell Your Diamond provide offers and deals on your rings.

Simply provide the seller with some basic information over the phone or online, and they will provide an estimate. From there, a reputable online buyer will send a free FedEx, UPS, or USPS mailer with insurance, and you should be able to follow your item via their particular selling procedure all the way to the buyer.

Sell My Engagement Rings

How to Sell a Diamond Ring Near Me?

It can be tempting to try for a quick, simple transaction when you're trying to sell your diamond ring. Doing so, though, may result in you getting far less than you ought to.

It's possible that you will receive much less money for your diamond than you should if you simply Google "diamond buyers near me" and then select the first listing.

1. Choose what Matters Most to you between Price and Quickness of Sale

There is a tiny trade-off between price and convenience, as there is with many things.

The same is true if you want to sell your engagement ring. The downside of this speed is that you'll probably get offered a lower price for it if you try to sell it to someone that same day.

2. Recognize the Worth of your Engagement Ring

It can be challenging to determine the value of your ring because it may have had a variety of values during the course of its existence:

  • The purchase price that was made initially.
  • How much is covered by insurance?
  • The raw materials worth.

3. Clean Your Jewelry

The key to selling your ring for the most money feasible is to present it in the best light imaginable.

4. Source Quotes

When making a large purchase, it's wise to obtain many quotes to make sure you're getting a fair deal.

5. Pick the Buyer Who Fits You the Best

When you receive the bids, choosing who to hire should be rather simple: choose the company that is providing the best deal.

The quickness of the transaction, its simplicity, and your level of confidence in the buyer can all be taken into account. After all, you are handling a valuable property.

How Much May an Engagement Ring be Sold For?

Depending on the shape, quality, and setting of a 1-carat diamond and gold engagement ring, resale prices can range from $1,000 to $5,000. Price increases may be associated with name brands like Tiffany or Cartier as well as platinum settings and big side stones.

Your engagement ring is worth what the metal and diamond are currently selling for on the market.

Sell Your Engagement Ring for Cash

Do Wedding Bands Retain their Value?

Although traditionally, the value of diamonds has increased from their initial retail price point over time, do not anticipate getting your money back on an engagement ring and wedding rings. Fine gemstone jewelry typically sells for between one-third and fifty percent of what you paid for it.

Use Sell Your Diamond to Sell Your Engagement Ring

We have an extensive understanding of all types of stones, metals, and jewelry as a whole because we have worked in the jewelry industry for a very long time. You may be confident that our quotes are reasonable, competitive, and accurate because they are based on our in-depth knowledge and the going rate in the market of an engagement ring buyer near me.

We don't base our prices on the weight of your ring, unlike many pawn shops and online marketplaces. All of our rates are for the entire piece of jewelry, which frequently enables us to provide you with a better offer because we can consider the item's age, style, and rarity.

When are you looking for where to sell your engagement ring? you can sell your diamond engagement ring to a business that is familiar with jewelry when you sell it online. We accept all ring designs, metal kinds, and diamond cuts, so you may sell old gold rings for instant cash with assurance. We would be delighted to give you pricing for your ring, whether it is the classic and well-liked solitaire design, a band with pave-set diamonds, or a ring with a halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone.

Here’s what you can expect in the best way to sell diamond engagement rings with Sell Your Diamonds.

Transparent Selling Process

We have created the safest and most open approach in the sector because we recognize how crucial it is to gain and keep your trust. You may watch from the comfort of your home as we open your package and inspect your diamond jewelry thanks to our special video check-in process.

When your product is delivered, we head straight to our video check-in station with the unopened box. We take high-definition video footage as we open the package, check you in, and assess your belongings. The video is finished and can be viewed by you upon request.

100% Insured and Secure

We are fully licensed and bonded, so your items are completely insured the moment they leave your possession, whether you are selling locally or online, and regardless of whether we have made you an offer or not. Your possessions are completely guaranteed when selling engagement rings for more money online—on the way to us, while they are in our care, and if necessary, on the way back to you.

GIA-Trained Experts

Our team is made up of highly skilled GIA specialists with in-depth expertise in gemology and jewelry appraisal methods. Appraisers who have received GIA training are well-versed in both diamond identification and grading procedures as well as jewelry construction. After thoroughly examining your engagement ring, our specialists will make you a genuine fair market value offer then you can decide if you want to sell engagement rings near me.

Top Deals

Since purchasing jewelry is our business and we are experts in it, we are certain that we can give you the greatest offer for your diamond ring or other fine jewelry. We not only have GIA-trained appraisers on staff, but we have been in the jewelry business for many years.

We are able to develop offerings that make sense to you since we comprehend the market and follow trends. No concerns if you decide not to sell if you value my engagement ring. You are under no obligation and there are no costs associated with a diamond evaluation. Sell Your Diamond is the best bet where buys engagement rings at affordable rates.

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