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A diamond is adored by all, but especially by ladies. We don't need to keep repeating how diamonds are a woman's greatest friend or that they last forever. Anyone who stakes their claim on the rock is always supported. There are rules that need to be followed when selling. Deals become simpler to complete in this manner. There are good reasons to buy a diamond. Similarly, to that, there are good reasons for selling it. Anyway, let's examine how everything functions.

Sell GIA-certified diamonds to reputable, global purchasers of diamonds. Sell Your Diamond provides a worldwide diamond-buying service that is GIA certified for lab frown and natural diamonds buyers. You can send us your GIA-certified diamonds for sale from anywhere in the world.

To guarantee that we are giving you the greatest deal possible, we change our pricing once a week in accordance with the most recent market conditions, so you get the best price, always.

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GIA: What Is It?

The most reputable gemological laboratory in the world, GIA is entrusted with grading and identifying more stones than any other laboratory. The GIA laboratories, which are staffed by knowledgeable lab grown diamond graders and gemologists and are situated in key gem and jewelry hubs across the world, set the bar for grading procedures there.

Sell Your Diamond is one of the trusted certified diamond buyers near me as it places a great deal of trust in the GIA reports because they consistently deliver very accurate grading reports. So much so that we are able to provide a particular cash number for your diamond item for authentic reports. Based on the specifics of the certificate, we will provide you with a very competitive price range for all other GIA-certified diamonds. To acquire a precise price range, just give us the cert number or a copy of the GIA report.

A diamond that has received a lab grade has undergone a thorough assessment of its quality by an independent, respected third-party laboratory. Each diamond is graded according to the four C's: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight by reputable laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America Inc. and American Gem Society (AGS). After the evaluation is finished, a diamond report is produced that includes the diamond's specific identification number. This helps you to sell AGS and IGI certified diamonds easily.

GIA Diamonds: How to Sell GIA Certified Diamonds?

With Sell Your Diamond, the best place to sell GIA certified diamond selling a GIA diamond is simple. Our group of GIA-trained gemologists consists of seasoned professionals and master diamond appraisers. We will simply verify the authenticity of the stone in comparison to the certificate after confirming the credentials of your certificate. We will honor the price we quoted you over the phone or over email if your item is in outstanding condition when we expertly value it, and we will pay you in full and without any conditions.

Based on the GIA grading report that is included with each diamond item, we provide you with a quick valuation of your diamond jewelry or loose stones. If the item is received in perfect condition and matches exactly what is listed on the certificate number you provided, we guarantee to pay you the exact sum mentioned.

Our quick and easy diamond-buying process can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

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How to Check If Your Diamond is Certified Before Selling Certified Diamonds at Best Price?

Situation 1: You have a report number or some documents.

The paperwork for lab-graded diamonds, often known as "certified" diamonds, is typically included. You can contact the laboratory by phone or online for extra information if you have the report or even just the identification number/report number. If you have the identification number, then it becomes easier for you and the buyer and also for others to rely on the authenticity of the diamond that you are selling online or offline.

Situation 2: You are in the absence of knowledge.

Don't worry if you find yourself in a scenario where you lack the necessary documentation; our specialists will nevertheless examine your diamond in accordance with rigorous gemological standards and make you an offer. Sending your diamond to an independent laboratory may be advantageous in several circumstances. We advise the American Gem Society and Gemological Institute of America Inc. Give us a call before sending your diamonds to a lab, and we'll help you decide if it's worthwhile to incur the additional expenditure.

How to Sell a GIA Certified Diamond?

1. Speak with Jewelers

When you have to sell lab grown and lab created diamonds for instant cash, it is the finest choice. Jewelers run their businesses to make money. They might want to be sure the diamond they are purchasing is authentic. To secure the best price for your stone, come prepared with the GIA certificate. Continue negotiating for a better price, one that is at least 70% of the rock's original cost.

2. Start Selling

It is among the best methods for getting diamonds at fair prices. You can contact your loved ones and pals. Even online advertising is an option. In the local newspapers, you can sell your diamond in a professional manner as well. On certain websites, you can even post advertisements to find local diamond buyers.

3. Speak with a Private Buyer

You need to look for a private buyer you can trust in this situation. You may be given the choice by some jewelers to wait for the greatest deals. Here, they can choose to sell it rather than buy it, But the best option would be to go for private buyers like Sell Your Diamond.

Sell A Gia Certified Diamond
Gia Certificate

How Selling Works?

1. Price Estimate

To get started, fill out our online form. For the most accurate pricing estimation, enclose a copy of your GIA certificate or the GIA certificate number (if it was issued after January 1, 2000).

2. Ship Us Your Diamonds

We may offer free, fully insured delivery after we have issued a price quote. For importation purposes, diamonds should not be set or mounted in jewelry and should instead be sent loose to the Sell Your Diamond’s office. We advise you to look for a trustworthy local jeweler who has the ability to take any diamond out of its setting.

3. Commercial Invoice

For the purpose of paying import taxes, we will assist you in creating the equivalent of a commercial invoice, which you should ship in three copies.

4. Schedule a Meeting

Call us to schedule a time to sell your diamond in person.

5. We value your diamond

When your diamond arrives at our offices, we'll let you know and conduct a professional appraisal. If the diamond is not harmed or in poor shape, our final pricing will fall within the range mentioned.

6. Get the Final Price

We pay you once you accept our final proposal. However, there is never any pressure to buy; if you reject our offer, we'll give it back to you for free.

What if the Diamond has Side Stones and is Set in Gold or Platinum?

It will be necessary to appraise and test the metal and the side stones. The price of these will be factored into the overall offer we provide to you.

Side Stones
Certified Diamonds

Do Certified Diamonds Have a Higher Price?

"It depends," is the succinct response. A certified diamond does not automatically have a higher value than an uncertified diamond. Diamond qualities and characteristics are all distinctive, and certification is given based on those quality factors.

A stringent laboratory report's key advantage is that it offers an unbiased evaluation of a gem's quality. Another thing to consider is that diamond market values fluctuate over time. Whether a diamond has a laboratory report or not is irrelevant to diamond buyers.

Where to Sell My GIA Certified Diamond for Instant Cash?

Sell GIA diamonds to the most reputable online diamond buyer. Our group of GIA-trained gemologists is here to provide you with accurate price estimates and respond to all of your inquiries about selling loose diamonds. Our procedure can be completed in as little as 24 hours and is safe and cost-free.

Our ratings, customer reviews, and dedication to providing top-notch customer service at affordable prices demonstrate our commitment to selling online or by appointment. Get a price estimate from the diamond specialists right now.

We accept emerald diamonds, radiant diamonds, princess diamonds, baguette diamonds, marquise diamonds, and pear diamonds in addition to round, oval, heart, cushion, and other shapes.

Our professionals are available to help you sell your GIA diamonds from anywhere thanks to their combined knowledge of the industry.

Are you someone looking forward to the answer where can I get started with selling my certified diamonds online to a reputed and trustworthy online buyer? Get in touch with Sell Your Diamond. We offer the best prices for your GIA-certified diamonds in New York, NY, United States. So why wait for the perfect moment? Contact us, get your pricing, send the diamonds, and get your best offer today!

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