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Appraise or Sell Your Old Jewelry Pieces Easily and Confidently with Sell Your Diamond’s Expertise!

Do you have old heirloom jewelry that you wish to cash out? Or perhaps a wedding or engagement ring that is no longer valuable to you. Speak with the experts at Sell Your Diamond and obtain excellent deals on such ones-adored items.

Whether your idea behind selling the old jewelry is to solve a cash problem or something else, we ensure you get the best value for your items in little to no time. We also pay you promptly, allowing you to meet your needs on time, too.

With Sell Your Diamond, you can work in two ways – online or by visiting our shop.

Here is an overview of how it works –

Easy Way to Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Online

Our Online Jewelry Selling Process Works in Three Easy Steps –

1- Request A Quote

Fill out a free submission form listed on our site describing your item precisely. On reviewing the form, our experts will contact you within one to two business days with an initial quote. By choosing us for the jewelry selling process, you get a chance to understand the value of your piece before selling it to us.

2- Send Us Your Diamond

Along with the initial offer, our experts will also send a prepaid, fully insured diamond pack so you can safely send your jewelry piece for an official evaluation.

Since our shipments are fully insured, you can be assured of obtaining complete coverage if things go south. Ensure to retain the special delivery copy once the package is shipped from your nearest post office.

3- Get Paid Under 12 Hours

The parcel typically gets delivered to our doorstep the very next day. Whenever we receive the parcel, we ensure to call you and update you about the delivery.

Our experts then proceed to work on evaluating the diamond jewelry. They call you under 2 hours with all the gathered vital information.

If you accept the deal we offered, we will initiate a bank transfer by 4 pm the same day. However, if you do not accept the deal, we will happily return your product cost-free and completely insured.

Selling Process of Jewelry at the Shop

If you wish to sell the jewelry in person and initiate another buying process, the steps are easy, too.

1- Get A Quote

Fill out the same free form listed on our site describing the item accurately. Once the form is reviewed, our experts will call you with an initial quote in one business day.

2- Get Expert Evaluation in Real Time

While describing the initial quote, our jewelry experts will also set up an appointment so you can visit us in person. The expert will use this opportunity to conduct a real-time evaluation of your product.

3- Receive Cash Instantly

If you are happy with our deal, we will initiate immediate payment through cash, check or wire transfer – whichever suits you better so you can proceed with your next jewelry buying process.

In case you don’t accept our offer, you are free to shop around. With Sell Your Diamond, you face no risks or obligations.

Speak with Our Experts!

Are you ready to make cash out of your old jewelry? Contact the experts at Sell Your Diamond today to learn more about jewelry selling and buying process and how it works.